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How long will it take to learn?

It depends. We work to have all our students out on the dance floor and dancing as soon as possible. Some students have had prior dance training and learn faster than others, some students have more time to practice than others; everyone is unique and learns at different speeds. If you need to learn immediately, we can create a plan to help you reach this goal.

Do I need a partner?

No. We welcome individuals, couples, and groups to our classes, lessons, and special events.

Do I need special shoes?

No. You can come to class wearing comfortable shoes that allow you to move and glide around the dance floor, (sneakers and rubber-soled shoes generally do not allow this). Ballroom dance shoes are a personal choice and a wonderful one for comfort, balance and the ability to move easily around the dance floor. We offer a selection of ballroom dance shoes and will help fit you properly if you are interested. Contact us for more information.

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